Internet Service Providers to Create, Hoosier Net LLC

(Provided photo/Pixabay)

Nearly two dozen Internet Service Providers are teaming up to create a network designed to increase capacity, Internet access and reliability. It’s called Hoosier Net LLC.

Rob Shema, chief executive officer of Hoosier Net LLC, tells Inside Indiana Business that Hoosier Net will serve as a “middle-mile network” to connect those service providers to the Internet.

“At least $100 million is coming to the state of Indiana to build out rural areas with internet access to serve customers that have not been served before,” Shema said.

According to Shema, Hoosier Net’s success begins and ends with the satisfied customers of their ISP.

“They want to be able to control that connection and make sure it’s strong and good. They want to make sure we invest in equipment and new technologies and things like that,” Shema says.

Shema believes Hoosier Net could serve approximately 90% of the state when fully operational. Shema also wants it to reach a point of self-sufficiency where the member companies don’t have to keep investing their own dollars to keep the network running.

The founding companies involved in Hoosier Net include Central Indiana Communications, Citizens Telephone Corp., Craigville Telephone Co., RTC Communications, Geetingsville Telephone Co., Independents Fiber Network, Monon Cooperative Telephone Co., Mulberry Cooperative Telephone Co., New Lisbon Broadband and Communications, NP Tech, Perry Spencer Rural Telephone Cooperative, LightStream, Rochester Telephone Co., SEI Communications, Fiberhawk, NITCO and The Sweetser Rural Telephone Co.

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