Jack Monroe sues MP after saying ‘she makes fortune from the poor’ | british news

Jack Monroe has instructed defamation lawyers after Tory MP Lee Anderson alleged the writer and food blogger was making profits from the poor.

Monroe, who won a vindictive, high-profile libel action against the former Daily mail columnist Katie Hopkins in 2017, tweeted that the MP’s comments were a “very clear case of outright libel”.

Though not confirmed, the attorney in question could be Mark Lewis who pioneered the phone hacking claims that led to the case being closed. News of the world.

In a separate tweet, Monroe reached out to him: “I have a job for your boyfriend”.

The feud began after deputy leader of the Reclaim Party, Martin Daubney, posted a clip of an interview he conducted with Anderson.

At the beginning of the clip, Daubney refers to Monroe as the “self-proclaimed representative of the impoverished”, adding that she has “sold a lot of books. Got out pretty well. No doubt earns more than the Prime Minister.”

Anderson replies by stating, “She takes money from some of the most vulnerable people in society and makes an absolute fortune off… [sic] the backs of people.”

Lee Anderson
Monroe tweeted that MP Lee Anderson’s comments were a “very clear case of outright libel.” Photo: Parliament TV

Last week, the MP for Ashfield in Nottinghamshire sparked anger among MPs and opposition campaigners after declaring in the Commons that food banks are unnecessary as the main cause of food poverty is a lack of cooking and budgeting skills.

During the Queen’s speech debate last Wednesday, Anderson argued that nutritious meals can be easily cooked for 30 cents at a time.

Two days later, when the clip of the interview with Daubney was posted to the Reclaim party’s Twitter feed, Monroe quickly asked for it to be removed, along with an apology, stating that it had already gained more than 19,000 views. By late Saturday afternoon, the clip was still on the air and had been viewed over 800,000 times.

Monroe tweeted that Anderson and Daubney “played a very expensive game of chicken with someone who has a proven track record of crossing this particular road without fear or favour”.

That particular avenue was a reference to Monroe’s 2017 win over Hopkins, with the food writer awarding £24,000 in damages after Hopkins suggested Monroe agreed to damage a war memorial during an anti-austerity rally in Whitehall.

Even before the interview with Anderson and Daubney, Monroe seemed fed up with snide critics, tweeting Thursday: “Moldy right-wing people so desperate to falsely prove I’m a hypocritical millionaire that they’re willing to slander me extensively to try Make that it works. Nice.”

Despite receiving much criticism for his views on food banks, Anderson stood by his views, calling their use “exaggerated” and saying, “I’m talking about common sense.”

On Thursday he said: Times Radio he was glad they had caused a furore. “The left will obviously jump in on this, the mainstream media will jump in on this, because right now all we hear in the room is ‘the use of the food bank is increasing’,” said the MP.

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