Jennifer Lopez Stands Up and Supports Women’s Reproductive Rights in the United States

Jennifer Lopez has spoken out about her stance on women’s reproductive rights, she has a strong opinion about the possibility for women to have access to medical facilities that can perform abortions if necessary.

She doesn’t agree with what’s happening

“We live in an American I don’t recognize,” Lopez said in a post on Instagram, clearly stating that it is confusing for women in the country that a nation that prides itself on freedom and choice focuses on behave in a certain way that prevents women from choosing whether or not to have children.

Quote from Jennifer Lopez

Quote from Jennifer LopezScreenshot Jennifer Lopez Instagram Story

Roe V. Wade

This weekend, the United States Supreme Court made abortion illegal, leaving it to states to decide what consequences a woman would face if she had an abortion. This is a utter denial of women’s reproductive rights and a situation that has ignited women’s organization across the country and protests have been and are growing everywhere.

The Supreme Court had ruled that Roe v. Wade could no longer be used as an argument to protect the right to abortion under the United States Constitution.

Constitution and Roe vs Wade

“The Constitution does not grant the right to abortion; Roe and Casey are overruled; and the power to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives,” the United States Supreme Court said in a vote last weekend.

I stand behind you and for women’s rights in this country

Jennifer Lopez

Helping companies

In response, many brands have volunteered to help women who need an abortion, with companies such as Netflix, Dicks Sporting Goods and others saying they would pay up to $4,000 for those who would have to travel out of state to have an institution that handles the procedure. can perform.

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