Jog Your Way To A Lean Body With These Secret Tricks, Trainer Says — Don’t Eat This That

The weather is getting warmer and you feel more motivated to get out for a jog early in the morning. As the world wakes up, look forward to this peaceful bit of time to yourself before the workday gets crazy. After all, aerobic exercise is such a great way to start the day, and it’s packed with health benefits. This “sweet spot” between a walk and a full-fledged sprint can help you shed excess weight, fight stress, boost your immune system and make moves off that exercise plateau you may be on, according to health line† If you’re looking for a slim body for jogging, you’ve come to the right place.

Jogging can help you meet and exceed your exercise goals. All you need to do is make time in your busy schedule to do it and follow the right tips and tricks. We spoke to Jacquie Smith, Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach and Fitness Instructor about the secret hacks you can do to jog your way to a lean body. “Jogging is effective at creating toned, toned bodies if done consistently and accompanied by a healthy diet. It is a form of high-intensity exercise that will generally burn more calories, leading to more fat burning,” she says. tells Eat this, not that!

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Smith emphasizes that the key to achieving a sculpted, slender figure through any exercise is to focus on good form. By doing this, you’re targeting just the right muscles and hopefully avoiding injury. “Make sure you maintain a straight posture, relax your shoulders, tighten your core, push your knees forward, and pump your arms at your sides as you jog,” says Smith.

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If you want to get the most out of your workout and get the best results, Smith says women should jog when they’re in the ovulation and follicular phases of their cycle. Why, you may ask? Because jogging is a full-body workout, “you need a lot of energy available during this part of the cycle. If not, your body can become inflamed and store fat,” explains Smith.

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Okay, we know you’re eager to get back on the curb and experience that surge of energy, but don’t sleep over the recovery process. “Jogging is a lot on the body,” Smith says. “To run consistently and get a toned body, you need time to let your body recover in between. [workouts]† This can be as simple as stretching, foam rolling, or taking a yoga class.”

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In her experience, Smith says you’ll get much better at jogging and get lasting results if you focus on running a set number of miles in the time it takes you to run them. She adds, “In addition, if you continue with… [jog] on a regular basis you will naturally become faster and more efficient each time you cover this distance.”

As for additional tips on losing weight and getting lean, Smith notes that you should add low-impact strength workouts like yoga and barre to your regimen to further sculpt those lean muscles. Getting your body moving and moving on a daily basis is also key, along with eating a diet full of fruits and vegetables and staying hydrated.

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