Josh Pyke performs at Point Cook

Fatima Halloum

It’s not every day that the children of the Point Cook Library read their storybooks by an award-winning singer, songwriter and author.

Josh Pyke brought his guitar, his children’s books and his sense of humor to Wyndham on Friday, June 24.

Although the crowd of toddlers and kids isn’t the typical age of audience members at a performance, Pyke said performing for a younger crowd is just as much fun.

“Kids are so honest and authentic in their responses and interaction, it’s a really beautiful experience,” he said.

Pyke wrote his first children’s book and had it published in 2019, saying there are many differences between writing music and writing a book.

“Songwriting is more like waiting for inspiration to hit and I never know when I’m going to write a song,” he said.

“When you write a children’s book, it’s more like you come up with an idea and you sit down and you actually kind of get that done academically, so it’s a bit more of a structured process.”

However, regardless of age, there is one thing Pyke hopes his audience feels during a performance.

“Getting together whether you’re playing an adult show or not, the idea of ​​everyone being in a space, having a shared experience, is what I’d like them to get away with, especially after COVID I think that’s something we all hold dear.” should be,” he said.

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