Kita finds her fur animal at home

Dog Kita and her new owner Liam

Liam and Kita, brought together with the help of the Domestic Animal Services adoption program.

Jumpy little Kita has found her furry home thanks to the efforts of Domestic Animal Services (DAS).

Kita’s new owner, Liam, said many of his friends had chosen to adopt a rescue dog and when he was looking for a dog himself, adopting DAS just made sense.

“I wanted an active dog and when I read Kita’s blurb on an ACT Government Facebook post, I knew she would be great for my lifestyle,” said Liam.

“DAS responded very well after sending my request. I was able to meet Kita in a few days and the rangers were so excited to see her find a new home. They really cared.”

Relocation is a core part of DAS’ work and it is a passion for rangers and personnel. The team rehomes no less than 98 percent of stray and abandoned dogs.

“Adopting DAS is a great idea because these dogs need a home. Dogs can feel that you want them in your life, and they appreciate that, especially after they’ve been in a shelter environment,” Liam said.

Liam hugs us

Entering a new environment can be overwhelming for many rescue dogs. DAS recognizes this and makes the adoption process smooth by providing information and advice to help you adopt your new puppy. Physical and mental enrichment play an important role in reducing unwanted behavior and increasing a dog’s quality of life.

“Kita now comes around Lake Tuggeranong with me all the time, has sleepovers with my kids and she loves road trips, she’s already walked several hundred miles,” said Liam.

Whether you want to adopt your dog, register your dog or learn more about dog walking areas in the ACT heading to the City Services website.

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