Laszlo Raises Baby Colin In WHAT WE DO IN THE SHADOWS Season 4 Trailer

When you think of an ideal parent, you may not be able to imagine Laszlo Cravensworth. But the hundreds of years old vampire stepped into that role at the end of season three of FX’s What we do in the shade† As the season four trailer shows, he tries to raise a young Colin Robinson. And we wouldn’t exactly call Colin Robinson an adorable toddler. But even then, Laszlo tries to do the child good. However, our favorite trio of vampires and the best known ever plan to have more antics than parenthood.

The trailer shows Nandor struggling to find a new wife. He is apparently so desperate that he makes a wish on a genie’s bottle to bring back all his dead wives. All 37. Guillermo’s look says it all.

While Laszlo is busy playing daddy, Nadja sets her sights on business. She has always been the most enterprising of the group. Her ambition knows no bounds. And she now has a nightclub called Nadja’s. And while Nadja’s ideas are great, they don’t always go according to her plans. We suspect that not everyone will do well with the nightclub. I do want the best for Nadja. It’s the least she deserves.


The synopsis for season four of What we do in the shade describes exactly what we would hope and expect from the new season.

What We Do in the Shadows follows four vampires, and their human acquaintances, who have been ‘living together’ for hundreds of years. Season four continues to advocate for gore and comedy with more strange beasts, surprise guest stars and tap dancing than ever. And this time with just a touch of home renovation.

No show can mix that blood and comedy like this one. What we do in the shade returns to FX for season four on July 12.

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