LeVar Burton describes book bans with a not-safe-for-‘Reading Rainbow’ word

LeVar Burton is blunt about his feelings about conservative pressure to ban books in some US schools

Burton, who hosted the popular children’s literature show “Reading Rainbow,” weighed in on the Republican-led campaigns with a word slightly more appropriate for adults.

“It’s bullshit,” he said on “The View” on Thursday, a moment cut from the YouTube clip of his performance of the show. “I will be absolutely candid and honest: it is shameful that we are banning books in this country, in this culture, at this time.”

“Read the books they ban,” he added. “That’s where the good stuff is.”

Some of those banned books included people of color, topics about race and racism, or depictions of LGBTQ communities and issues, the report revealed.

Check out Burton’s take on book bans below.

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