LG CNS presents 52 real-life applications for AI

An image illustrating 52 use cases of AI technology defined by LG CNS. (LG-CNS)

South Korean information technology solutions company LG CNS has come up with 52 real-life applications for artificial intelligence, in line with its move to expand AI-related consulting services, the company said Wednesday.

The use cases will allow its customers to better identify what kind of AI solutions they need, and help LG CNS recommend the most optimal solution to customers, LG CNS said in a statement.

For example, if a company wants to avoid disasters in the workplace, LG CNS will recommend a visual AI solution that detects abnormal behavior of employees – one of the 52 applications defined by LG CNS.

Those in need of discovering the online consumer demand for a particular product can use the language processing AI solution for online social media analytics.

LG CNS will recommend an AI-powered data analytics solution if a customer wants to prevent the misuse of corporate credit cards.

With a number of choices, customers can prioritize what actions to take through LG CNS’s advisory service that lasts up to two months, the company said.

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