Liberal federal election candidate Robbie Beaton referred to AFP by Australian Election Commission

The Liberal candidate for Isaacs, Robbie Beaton, has been referred by the Australian Election Commission to the Australian Federal Police to determine if he provided a false address on his application form.

Last week, Beaton told: The age he lives in Camberwell, about 12 miles from the Bridge Hotel in Mordialloc, Victoria, the residence he gave to the AEC.

“The AEC is aware of the recent comments made by Mr Beaton to the media regarding his registered address,” the AEC said in a statement.

Liberal candidate Robbie Beaton
Liberal candidate Robbie Beaton has been referred to the AFP. (Facebook/Robbie Beaton)

“Following Mr. Beaton’s nomination for the 2022 federal election, we reviewed the statements on Mr. Beaton’s application and nomination forms. There are concerns about whether the information he has provided regarding his residential address on this forms is incorrect.

“The AEC has referred this matter to the AFP for investigation.”

The AEC also issued a statement today regarding another Victorian candidate.

Independent Despi O’Connor wants to take Greg Hunt’s seat at Flinders as the outgoing health secretary retires from politics, but has suspended her campaign amid concerns over her suitability.

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On Wednesday, O’Connor issued a statement saying she may not be elected to parliament because she is employed by the Victorian Department of Education.

“I have been notified of Section 44(vi) of the Australian Constitution. This provision states that ‘any person for profit under the Crown…shall be unable to be elected or serve as a member of the House’ of representatives,” the statement said.

“In practical terms, this means that because I am technically employed in the Victorian public school system, I am considered to be ‘beneficial to the Crown’ and would not be eligible to be elected or serve as a federal parliamentarian.”

Independent candidate Despi O'Connor
Independent candidate Despi O’Connor. (Facebook/Team Despi)

O’Connor has been on furlough for the past 18 months.

The AEC said that if O’Connor Flinders wins, her eligibility will have to be determined by the Court of Disputed Returns.

“The election to the Flinders seat will continue with all candidates as declared and Ms O’Connor’s name will appear on the Division of Flinders ballot,” the AEC said in a statement.

Ballot papers have been printed and distributed across the country so early voting can begin on Monday and many voters by mail have already received their ballot packs.

“If Ms. O’Connor is elected, her eligibility to serve as a member of Flinders must be determined by the Court of Disputed Returns.”

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