London-based MONC advocates sustainable design with its mountain-inspired interiors

Eco-conscious eyewear brand Monc celebrates the rocky landscapes of the Italian Dolomites with biodegradable and salvaged materials at its new London store on Chiltern Street.

The Monc Marylebone store was designed by London-based studio Nina + Co. It features wavy and ribbed surfaces, sculpted shapes, stone structures and peach tones, alluding to the chiseled peaks and cut stone of northern Italy, where Monc’s products are made.

“Like the eyewear at Monc, we’ve considered the life cycle of everything we’ve brought into the void,” says founder Nina Woodcroft. “The main materials are biobased or recycled and the whole store is designed to be taken apart so everything can easily be reused in a new space or reused and recycled later.”

In the London store, compostable cornstarch foam stretches across the ceiling like ribbons of ice cream running through Viennetta and minimalist wall shelves like cushions. It has furniture made of mycelium mixed with Yorkshire hemp shives, which mimic natural stone. Three ribbed concrete cores, salvaged by Nina at a local construction site, form striking shop windows.

Photography: Transfer Agency

A large slab of apricot recycled plastic from Swansea Smile forms a freestanding anchoring unit. This against a background of non-toxic clay paint and an existing plywood floor. There is also a corrugated sheet made from hemp composite, vintage lighting and accents from Monc’s primary material, bioacetate – a biodegradable and petroleum-free plastic.

Monc’s Chiltern Street store is designed as a temporary, flexible space that goes from daytime shopping to evening events. East London manufacturers EJ Ryder made the larger pieces using only mechanical fasteners rather than glue, so they can be easily detached and separated for recycling.

21 Chiltern Street, London, W1U 7PH

Photography: Transfer Agency

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