‘Magic: The Gathering’ Pride Secret Lair Featuring Art from LGBTQ+ Artists

Pride is gone for a while, but Magic: The Gathering has already shared the glory of their upcoming Pride themed Secret Lair set. Wizards of the Coast shared the announcement yesterday and with it the news that a portion of all sales will be donated to charity.

“The cards in this Secret Lair drop are based on many experiences, and we hope that people will find a part of their own unique selves in these cards,” the statement said. “50% of every Pride Across the Multiverse purchase is donated directly to The Trevor Project.”

Lauren YS’s Sol ring; Merlin GG’s triumphant reckoning; Ricardo Bessa’s Bear Landscape; Winona Nelson’s Alesha, who laughs at death; Ricardo Bessa’s collective journey; Peo Michie’s Heartbeat of Spring; Jabari Weathers’ Mana Confluence; Kieran Yanner’s Taste the Moment Image: Wizards of the Coast (via polygon

Art Director Stephanie Cheung, spoke about the process of finding artists to mark this set and bring it to life in the LGBTQ+ MTG fandom.

“Pride Across the Multiverse is a celebration and a reflection of how far we’ve come, what it took to get here, and what lies ahead. From the start, we wanted this secret hideout to celebrate the unwavering creativity of the LGBTQIA2S+ community. It was impossible for this collection of eight cards to represent EVERY aspect of the community, but we wanted to honor the hope and joy in our multifaceted identities. We hope that people will find a part of their own unique selves in these cards.

“The team has worked incredibly hard to portray characters from across the Multiverse on maps that represent everything from quiet everyday moments to big celebrations, while recognizing the ongoing fight for our future. As an art director, I wanted to celebrate the broad spectrum of identities and experiences by working with artists to express themselves with their style and unique experiences in these cards. This project was a great opportunity to bring in new styles and artists while also giving visibility to the people who painted Magic: The Gathering for years! I searched for artists across the spectrum of LGBTQIA2S+ and BIPOC identities; having a wide variety of artists is an important part of celebrating the diversity of our community and experiences.

“As a queer Asian-American woman, working on this drop was very meaningful and a huge challenge. This was my very first art direction experience and I am incredibly grateful for the mentorship of Jess Lanzillo and the support of Jontelle Leyson-Smith. I had the tremendous pleasure of working on this project with an incredibly talented and playful group of people.

“Each card in Pride Across the Multiverse tells its own story of love, struggle, resilience, joy and community. With stories we practice hope, and I think it’s so important to hope, to really hold on and to be faithful. It is our triumph and we will shape the future with our ferocious resilience. I am so proud of what we have all been able to achieve in this set and I am thrilled to join you on this journey.”

The eight-card set costs $39.99 for regular finishes and $49.99 for foil versions; they arrive in a rainbow foil box. Honestly, it’s all worth it for that Bearscape. I’m glad this is done as I know I still feel the sting of clearing Chandra and Nissa that follow War of the SparkM:TG has worked to include non-binary characters in the game, and I hope more queer characters will follow. Halana and Alena, partners deserve that their relationship is canon!

(through polygonimage: Screenshot/Ricardo Bessa)

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