Manchester’s loneliest puppy – found on the street two days before Christmas

A young Dutch Shepherd found on the street just days before Christmas hopes to find a family to spend the summer and the rest of her life with. The three-year-old dog, aptly named Dutch after her breed, was found lost on December 23 last year.

Dutch has since waited 143 days for the perfect family to take her on long adventures where she can experience new and exciting places. She is an active dog thanks to her working genes, as Dutch Shepherds were originally bred as herding dogs. As a result, the young dog is looking for a home where she can actually participate in exploring.

Currently living with Manchester Dogs Trust, a spokesperson for the charity said: “Dutch loves exploring and happily hops in the back of the car, ready for her next adventure. She also likes to play with her soft and squeaky toys and enjoy sunbathing with a tennis ball!”

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Food is another favorite of merry Dutch, and she especially likes squeezed cheese, which can be a good aid for her ongoing training. Dogs Trust added: “Dutch is such an engaging girl to be around. She enjoys cuddles and fuss from people she knows and will lean on you for more.”

Dutch is a three-year-old Dutch Shepherd
Dutch is a three-year-old Dutch Shepherd

The Dutch need their own secure garden with two meter high fences where they can run around, play and relax. Ideally, she’ll want a non-open house or a quiet place she can bring herself in for when people come to the front door.

“Dutch people can be insecure about dogs when they are on the road and can bark when they are not sure,” said Dogs Trust. “We have made progress with her focus on increasing her confidence around dogs, but she will need access to walks where minimal dogs will run to her or owners willing to travel her to enjoy quieter areas for walks.

“Due to her age and race, her new family will need to be very active and want to participate in fun training sessions with her. Shepherd knowledge is essential, but experience is recommended.

“The Dutch would benefit most from an adults only home and she would love to be the only pet in the house, where she can soak up all the love, attention and affection of her eternal family!”

If you are interested in adopting Dutch, you can find her here on the Manchester Dogs Trust website.


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