Metro Vancouver woke up this weekend with a heart attack at the pump

Remember last week when gas prices soared to $2,229 a gallon? Turns out that was the time to refuel.

On Saturday, May 14, people in the Lower Mainland woke up to a new heartbreaking reality at the pumps.

A new record for gas prices – $2,279 per liter – was observed at gas stations in Metro Vancouver.

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In the past month, average gas costs in Vancouver have risen from $1,959 per liter to a new all-time high of $2,279.

Looking at the average prices in Vancouver compared to Canada, the rest of the country is also feeling the pain at the pump.

gas prices

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Even though Dan McTeague predicted that these prices would rise nearly 11 cents to $2,279 by Saturday, that doesn’t take away the sting of actually seeing the price at the pumps.

Before the recent price hikes, gas costs had risen rapidly in Metro Vancouver over the past six months.

BC gave a one-time discount to drivers earlier this year to help tackle the affordability crisis, and this week John Horgan spoke directly to high gas prices, receiving criticism from the Liberal Party for calling for provincial gas taxes to be suspended.

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