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CITY OF PEWAUKEE — If speed is what you need, getting some friends together for a race around the track at Accelerate Speedway might be what you need.

Autobahn Holdings recently took over the former Veloce Indoor Speedway, W229-N1400 Westwood Drive in the town of Pewaukee, adding ax throwing and virtual reality.

Autobahn Holdings managing partner David Larson said the purchase was completed in early February, but his company had had its sights set on the location for a while; however, the pandemic put the acquisition on hold.

The company already owns and operates another Accelerate in Chicago and nine indoor tracks on the Autobahn. Additionally, Autobahn Holdings is a founding member of the US E-Kart Championship, which brings together about 50 racers for a nationwide competition that was featured on ESPN and is now on Amazon Prime.

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Although the name on the building may have changed, Accelerate still has the same fast Italian-made go-karts that can reach speeds of 80 km/h.

“They have maintained their karts very well,” Larson said. “They had excellent technicians that we could keep on staff.”

He said the first thing people notice about the go-karts at Accelerate is how fast they go.

“The speed is the first thing that hits you and the second is the torque because of the electric motor,” Larson said, adding that Teslas with their electric motors are also some of the fastest off the starting line.

It is therefore only natural that people want to race on the indoor kart tracks.

“We have a very strong emphasis on the competitive aspect of go karting,” Larson said.

One change coming to the Pewaukee town location is more competition activities for go-karts and for the newly added ax throwing and the Omniverse Arena VR. People who participate in the competitions at Accelerate have the opportunity to go to national competitions, Larson said.

Women don’t have to feel out of place on the track or throw an axe, Larson said, explaining that Accelerate is running a special program in March to attract more women to go karting. He also said that ax throwing enthusiasts are about evenly distributed along gender lines.

Larson encourages people to view Accelerate as a great social activity for friends, family or for team building. It can also be enjoyed in any weather.

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