Netflix’s Megahit ‘365 Days’ Series Has Impressive Double 0% Scores

The debate over Netflix’s quality standards continues, and for every solid Ozark finale they put on or Heartstopper they release, what rises to the top of the charts every other week always seems to follow a similar pattern.

While we’re normally focused on the TV side of things with Netflix, the film’s ending is where things can get even more curious. Sure, Netflix has found some good originals, such as the Oscar-caliber Power of the Dog. But in terms of what’s actually hugely popular about the original movie offerings? A curious case stands out, the 365 Days film series.

There have been two movies so far, 365 Days, which came out in July 2021, and now 365 Days: This Day, which premiered last week. These are actually Polish movies, but Netflix got the distribution rights, so technically they’re Netflix originals. It’s very clear that they want to attract the same kind of attention that made the 50 Shades of Gray series so popular, and they are erotic thrillers.

They are also, in all respects, terrible erotic thrillers. Both 365 Days movies have some of the lowest ratings I’ve ever seen for a Netflix original movie production. Or just mainstream movies… in general.

365 days:

  • 0% from critics on Rotten Tomatoes, 29% audience rating
  • 3.3/10 on IMDB
  • 1.2 user rating on Metacritic

365 days: this day:

  • 0% from Rotten Tomatoes critics, 19% audience rating
  • 2.6/10 on IMDB
  • 8/100 Metacritic Score, 0.8 User Score

And these aren’t random movies I’m looking for, they’re very popular on Netflix. The original 365 Days movie was at number one on the service for nearly two weeks, and the sequel immediately came in at number 1. The original was also in the top 10 for over a full month.

What’s the connection here? Well, the movies are…more or less extremely close to softcore pornography. That’s not a judgment, it’s just a fact, but softcore pornography isn’t exactly known for its terribly compelling storylines or performances, and that seems to be the main issue here. So critics hate it, fans claim to hate it, and yet millions of people watch it. Sex, it seems, sells.

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Again, this becomes a matter of what Netflix wants. Does it want its top shows to be trashy reality shows half the time and its top movies to be bad 50 Shades knockoffs? Could be! Because they’re getting views, but then they can’t be surprised if the conversation turns to an overall drop in service quality, while the competition is cementing a reputation for higher quality rates (especially Apple and HBO Max, lately).

We’ll see if 365 Days: Part 3 gets here in a few months, and maybe we’ll have part of an answer, if it does.

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