‘New Amsterdam’ Recap: Season 4 Finale, Episode 22 – Max/Helen

A hurricane turned out to be Max and Helen’s last concern on New Amsterdam‘s Season 4 finale.

The episode opens with Helen noticing that she must have packed too little because her suitcase closed too easily. “Well, who says you need clothes?” Max reacts brutally. He also informs her that the botanical garden is ready for their wedding.

But then the Category 4 storm expected to hit the Carolinas changes course for New York. Max’s frantic text messages to Helen (who’s labeled “My Boo” in his contacts!) asking if her flight has been rerouted go unanswered. And there is no flight record on its tracking app. When the hurricane is over, Max finally gets a message from Helen the next morning: “Today has been… I have no words for it. I will call you as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, Reynolds proposes the roof of the hospital as an alternative venue for the wedding now that the botanical garden is a no-go. Max leaves Helen a voicemail about how it’s perfect for them, as “this place has always been magical for us.” It’s where they met and fell in love, so it feels like the right place to start their eternal life, he concludes.

New Amsterdam Spoilers

While Max is in his suit, surrounded by their friends, he gets a call from Helen. She is still in London. “I can’t,” she cries. Shocked and shaken, Max tells his concerned friends, “She’s not coming.”

Now let’s see where the other documents were at the end of the finale.

IGGY/MARTIN Iggy remembers the night he and Martin first met, when this beautiful man came up to him. “Why me?” Iggy wonders. Martin says he thought Iggy was cute, but Iggy doesn’t believe it and states that Martin is attracted to broken birds that need saving and that’s what he saw across the bar. Martin is upset that Iggy’s go-to move is to always play the victim and he doesn’t seem to have any intention of changing. So when no one wants to lead the hospital emergency response by storm, Iggy takes on the role of proving he’s capable. Everything that can go wrong does: The hurricane smashes out an ICU window, so Iggy takes staff and patients to a stairwell for shelter and they begin to pass out from carbon monoxide poisoning, then a lamp plunges into a pool of water, leaving them in a hallway. Iggy manages to shut down the backup generator and get everyone to safety.

The next day, Iggy tells his husband that the only thing holding him back during the crisis was Martin’s voice in his head. “I can’t be who I want to be with you,” Iggy says. Martin replies that he has to move then.

New Amsterdam SpoilersLAUREN/LEYLA After working together to help a sex trafficking victim, Lauren makes a decision about her and Leyla’s future. Their relationship started with money, and it’s in everything they do, Lauren explains. It affects everything. So Lauren instructs Leyla to take her apartment until she gets her visa, but she can’t live with her there.

FLOYD The surgeon is on his way to confront his father when the hurricane hits, trapping them and an injured resident in his father’s apartment building. It seems Floyd’s father has kept up with his medical career. But even after helping his son push a woman’s rib back into her (!), he turns down Floyd’s request for answers. Not all hope is lost, though: He asks Floyd to call him with recommendations for a shoulder doctor.

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