Newly Established Non-Profit ‘Wellbeing in the Arts’ Provides Mental Health and Wellness Support to Industry

Newly Established Non-Profit 'Wellbeing in the Arts' Provides Mental Health and Wellness Support to Industry

There is a mental health crisis in the arts, a workforce at its psychological all-time low, and a lack of support for those who need it most.

WELLBEING IN THE ARTS is a newly formed non-profit organization that provides mental health and wellness support to the arts industry by providing access to a diverse list of over 165 trained, accredited counselors, all of whom have experience and understanding of working in the arts, wellness counseling , workshops, training and operations.

Founder and CEO, Adam Bambrough, said: “I believe well-being in the arts is the answer to the current mental health crisis in the arts, drawing inspiration from my own personal experiences as a former West End actor and director with mental health issues, my a lot of research into the (lack of) support currently available within the industry, and the conversations I’ve had with thousands of Arts staff in the UK.

Their goal is to help build an industry where every organization and every individual has access to mental health and wellness support, where those struggling with their mental health can share their experiences without fear of judgment or consequences, awareness and understanding of mental health issues within the arts community has vastly improved and the root causes of poor mental health in the workplace are being addressed”.

They work with organizations of all sizes, including The National Theatre, Northern Broadsides, One Dance UK, to support their staff (including freelancers working on productions). All of their services are available online or face-to-face, are 100% confidential (an employer will never know who on their team has sought mental health support), and those who need help can meet with a Counselor within 48 hours (rather than from facing the long waiting lists currently seen on the NHS).

Their services can be tailored to meet the specific needs and budget of any organization.

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They also announced the appointment of famed actor Nicholas Pinnock as an ambassador for well-being in the arts.

Nicholas has worked in theater, film and TV for over 30 years and his extensive credit list includes starring roles on the series ‘For Life’ (ABC/SKY), ‘Criminal’ (Netflix), ‘Counterpart’ (Amazon Prime), ‘ Top Boy’ (Channel 4 / Netflix), ‘Marcella’ (Netflix) and ‘Guerilla’ (Sky Atlantic).

He is a passionate advocate for mental health support in the arts and has often spoken openly about his own personal struggles with his mental health.

Nicholas said: “Due to my own mental health issues, it became very clear to me that I felt the weight of my characters’ trauma vicariously, I cried on set more times than I can remember, and while I was making plans for myself to In order to provide the support I would like to see in the industry, I came across Wellbeing in the Arts, who had gone ahead and done everything I think is necessary. I couldn’t be prouder to become one of their ambassadors in the hope that I can add to the amazing work they’ve already done to give people in the arts the help they really need.”

Nicholas is also an ambassador for MIND, the mental health charity.

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