“No singles, sorry love”…I got kicked out of a bar because I was on my own

“No singles, sorry honey. I can’t let you in alone.”

It’s a Thursday night in Manchester’s busy city center and I’m on a mission to investigate a tip about a bar that only lets people in when they’re in a group.

My search was inspired by a story told to the Manchester Evening News by a woman who was refused entry to Ramona in Ancoats on the grounds that they had a ‘no singles’ policy – something management has since denied .

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In the spirit of true investigative journalism, we decided we should try to get in ourselves – I told my news editor that I was going to stop by Ramona that evening on my way to a friend in Ancoats, after her account was published. Perhaps unsurprisingly, I was welcomed with open arms (and delicious pizza).

But while the problem at Ramona may have been an unfortunate one, I was tipped off by a friend that it’s not the only location in town where singles have issues. “You know you can’t enter Behind Closed Doors alone?” she texted me, after I explained to her my somewhat strange evening route.

Her text was later confirmed by my roommate, who told me a friend had to come up to him to meet him from downstairs when he previously tried to get in alone – and that he’d seen a woman refuse entry after her phone was dead and she was unable to call her friends.

Behind Closed Doors in Northern Quarter denied having a ‘no singles’ policy

Curiosity aroused, I went to the Northern Quarter bar to see if I would be admitted on my solitary entrance. I greeted the bouncer cheerfully – who asked if I had any friends I’d already met inside. I told him it was “just me”.

He looked a little surprised and asked me again if I was meeting anyone else. Again, I repeated that I just wanted a drink in my own company.

“No singles, sorry honey. I can’t let you in alone.”

It was the answer I half expected, but still I was a little surprised. I was completely down to earth, friendly and willing to spend money at their bar – so why couldn’t I come in on my own?

I asked the bouncer why, and he simply replied that it was “bar policy” – something Behind Closed Doors NQ has refuted.

A spokesperson for Behind Closed Doors said: “Everyone is welcome at Behind Closed Doors and we will refer the matter to our security team.”

Behind closed doors is on Oldham Street

In all truth, the self-described “dissolute” cocktail bar probably isn’t where I’d pick if I was just enjoying a drink – but does that mean no one is allowed in alone? It’s not uncommon to be alone in a city for a night or two, and especially as Manchester grows, solo travelers wanting to experience the famed Mancunian nightlife should be welcomed with open arms rather than rejected.

My experience here was only with one bar, but I was wondering how many others have a similar policy? Is Manchester’s nightlife inhospitable for singles?

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