Ontario gas prices will fall from record highs and here are the savings

After weeks of gas prices in Ontario soaring to new and depressing heights, things are finally turning the other way.

According to Gas Wizard, prices will drop 3 cents a liter for most of the province on Wednesday to 196.9 cents a liter, preventing cities like Toronto, Ottawa and Windsor from meeting the dreaded $2 a liter.

The positive change came after residents woke up Sunday to gas prices of 199.9 cents a liter, after a four cent increase overnight.

Dan McTeaguegas analyst and president of Canadians for Affordable Energy predicted the decline Monday via Twitter, linking it to the looming threat of a global recession.

At the moment, Peterborough is the cheapest place for gas in the county, offering a relatively reasonable 190.9 cents a liter at the pumps.

Cornwall closely follows with 192.9 cents per liter, with Thunder Bay, 193.9, surprisingly in a good third place.

The northern city typically offers higher gas prices than southern regions like the GTA and Niagara, with the province having recently seen a shift.

As for what will be the most expensive place for gas this week, Sudbury is holding on to that title, offering residents a dismal 198.3 cents a litre, falling 0.3 cents on Wednesday.

Barrie is the only other outlier, expected to see prices at 195.9 cents a liter on Wednesday.

If you are someone who has avoided driving to avoid these ridiculously high prices, you may have to wait a while as things are not expected to cool down any time soon

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