Parramatta gets green light for major planning proposal…but there’s a catch

The City of Parramatta Council’s Parramatta CBD planning proposal has been made clear by the NSW government, which sees the boundaries of Sydney’s second CBD extended to include the height of residential and commercial buildings.

The proposal has been in the works since 2013, and the document is considered critical to Parramatta’s future needs and growth. The proposal is estimated to create 43,000 new jobs and 12,000 new homes over the next four decades.

Parramatta Mayor Donna Davis says the proposal will improve the city’s livability, while preserving vibrant streets and natural light in public spaces.

“Over the past decade, the Council has worked tirelessly with the NSW government, the community, landowners and developers to create a development blueprint that recognizes the specific needs of our unique city,” she says.

The city of Parramatta has called on the NSW government to approve the CBD infrastructure contribution plan, which is being developed in parallel with the planning document, alleging that if it does not get approval it could affect the number of jobs and new homes.

“While today’s announcement will enable us to put our long-awaited plans into action, there is more work to be done. In order for our city’s transformation to be truly successful, we call on the NSW Government to step up our supporting CBD infrastructure Contribute Plan as soon as possible,” said Davis.

“This will ensure developers pay their fair share so that we have the funding necessary to provide the infrastructure, facilities and services needed for our growing community.”

Current planning controls have been maintained near Church Street, which is the backbone of the CBD. This is done to ensure that heritage sites are preserved. Building heights were lowered by five stories by the state government to avoid overshadowing.

“They’ve been working on a plan for the past eight years and now at 11 a.m. they’ve decided not to agree to some of the basic controls the council wanted,” said Urbis director Murray Donaldson, who worked with the city of Parramatta. . on the new planning regulations – in the Sydney Morning Herald.

“There will not be the level of economic development, the level of job creation, to support Parramatta as Sydney’s second CBD.”

New commercial buildings must provide end-of-trip facilities as part of the new proposal. As part of the changes, an estimated 1.5 million square meters of commercial floor space will be created, giving Sydney’s second CBD the chance to rival the first.

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