Passenger stunned after being let on bus with ‘every window smashed’ at Stockport estate

A passenger shot at Stagecoach after being let on a bus that had ‘every window smashed’ after it was vandalized in Stockport.

Shocking images taken by Konrad Sutton-Burns showed the appalling extent of damage to the vehicle, as shards of glass were scattered across the floor and seats. The bus passed through the Brinnington estate on Tuesday evening, where it was believed to have been the target of vandals.

The 42-year-old, who lives in Brinnington, said he was shocked to discover the condition of bus 325 after he was allowed to board around 10 p.m. along with several other passengers.

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Mr Sutton-Burns said there were no seat belts on the bus and described that he was able to hang his head out of the broken window while traveling at speeds of around 50 mph.

Speaking to the MEN, he said: “Brinnington just gets worse and worse, it’s not a joke anymore. I actually got on the bus after it happened.

Konrad said every window of the bus was smashed

“I didn’t even realize it was the case at first. The driver just charged me and I got in and thought where am I going to sit.

“I didn’t realize the magnitude of it until I sat down. I couldn’t believe that passengers in that state were allowed on the bus. I was just a little bit in shock. I think it’s a shame I was allowed On.”

Mr Sutton-Burns said virtually ‘every window’ of the bus had been smashed. Video footage shows that some windows have been completely cleared of glass, while others appear to have bits of sharp glass. Konrad said it appeared as if the breakers used in an emergency had been removed from the vehicle.

“I’ve been on the bus countless times in Brinnington where kids just walk by without paying and terrorize the passengers. It’s just not finished,” he said, describing the level of anti-social behavior plaguing the estate. Residents of Brinnington have complained about a spate of incidents in recent months and years, including theft, vandalism and harassment of vulnerable people.

“I’ve lived in Brinnington all my life and it gets to a point where people are really fed up and tired of the antisocial behavior,” he said. “This incident was extremely dangerous. If you look at the video, you could see I could literally hang out of the window while it was going at 30mph. It’s really crazy.”

A Stagecoach spokesperson said: “We are aware of an incident that occurred on bus 325, on May 10, where a group of bus windows were smashed. We are working with GM and TravelSafe to investigate this incident.”

Greater Manchester Police have been contacted for comment.

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