PODCAST | Do you want to live longer? Here’s an exercise guide for young and old

  • Be wary of ads or advice telling you to exercise less, not more, says sports medicine expert Jon Patricios.
  • People who exercise regularly live longer than those who don’t. They also get sick less often and are less likely to be hospitalized.
  • There is a simple equation you can use to find out how far you should push your body. And during the week, you only need to exercise for half an hour to extend your life.

People who exercise live longer.

If you want to join this club, there is an easy way to find out how far to push your body.

Mia Malan spoke with sports medicine expert Jon Patricios. He’s got a simple equation to help you figure out what type of exercise and — and how much of it — you need.

Another handy rule of thumb?

Be wary of fads that tell you to move less instead of more. You may have seen those ads that say you can get the same benefits from a 7 minute workout as you can from half an hour. That’s just not true.

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