Prof Damousi talks about growing up in Greece in Fitzroy

The history of suburban Fitzroy is the subject of a lecture delivered by Professor Joy Damousi on Saturday, May 28.

Prof Damousi, head of the Institute of Humanities and Social Sciences at the Australian Catholic University (ACU) will share her memories and photos of growing up as a Greek in Fitzroy in the 1960s as part of the ACU Game Day Lunch in the Community Room of Brunswick Street Oval.

In her lecture, Prof Damousi will explore the local history of the suburb where she grew up and still lives.

Prof Joy Damousi will talk about Fitzroy’s history and growing up in the suburb. Photo: Football club delivered/Fitzroy

She will reflect on what it was like growing up as an immigrant and look at the role football played in rebellion and ‘Australianness’.

The cost of lunch is $35, which will be provided by Asylum Seeker Resource Center Catering, and drinks are available at bar prices.

Reservations are essential and you have until tomorrow (Thurs 26th May) 09:00 am to make reservations for the lecture and lunch and to book which is provided by Asylum Seeker Resource Center Catering.

Following the talk and lunch, there will be a match between Senior Fitzroy-ACU Women and Old Geelong at the Brunswick Street Oval. Photo: Football club delivered/Fitzroy

After lunch, the Senior Fitzroy-ACU Women’s team takes on Old Geelong at the Brunswick Street Oval.

To book, visit the Fitzroy Football Club website link:

For more information email: [email protected]

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