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MAKKAH: A new documentary highlights the success stories of Saudi women, who talk about their empowerment, opportunities and aspirations under the leadership of King Salman and Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

“Ala Hadden Sawa”, from the Ministry of Media, features women from major Saudi cities and rural areas.

In it, they share the details of their empowerment journey and express their joy at the opportunities they now have. They discuss how they have been able to achieve their dreams and aspirations and how their social life has changed after they have been granted their rights.

The documentary’s content producer, Waad Arif, said the women were carefully chosen to represent different sections of society, reflecting how decisions to empower women had changed the lives of many, even down to the simplest things in their lives. daily life.

One of the goals of the documentary is to present unconventional images that let you live with the characters and feel their suffering, their sadness, their joy, pride, happiness and ultimately be inspired.

Wade ArifContent producer of the documentary ‘Ala Hadden Sawa’.

She said these changes had made their lives safer, more stable and helped them achieve their goals and dreams.

Arif told Arab News: “One of the goals of the documentary, produced under the Kunooz initiative by the Government Communication Center of the Ministry of Media, is to present unconventional images that make you live with the characters and show their suffering. to feel. their sorrow, their joy, their pride, their happiness and ultimately become inspired. The heroines spoke with honesty, depth and transparency to explain the impact of the (Kingdom) vision on their lives and how it helped improve the status of Saudi women.”

dr. Nada Al-Busaili, one of the women in the film, said the documentary aimed to highlight the tangible impact of Vision 2030, reforms and empowerment on the lives of women and their families by presenting the stories of women facing various challenges. in life and how these reforms had changed their lives.

She added that the women in the documentary were inspiring and that the viewer would be surprised by the strength, patience and ambition of Saudi women.

“A woman supported her seven daughters and son alone. She was the sole breadwinner, despite all the challenges she faced, such as the lack of transportation. After her empowerment, she managed to open her own business. She was really amazing,” she told Arab News. “Viewers will also be amazed at the ambition of a woman who lives in a rural, rugged environment and has never been to the city; they will be impressed with how she has managed to turn her home into a tourist destination that people come from to visit.”

Sarah Al-Malki said she was honored to be part of the documentary.

“It was a great experience with a renowned team. The documentary shows the achievements made in women’s empowerment in my country and how they have had a major impact on facilitating their lives and their access to the labor market in various vital sectors. It shows how women became an active partner in the development of the country.”

She said the documentary was special because it selected women from different Saudi regions. “I believe that my contribution has conveyed a message that I have always wanted to convey to women from where I live, from the heights of the mountains at the furthest point of the border of my dear country. I tell every woman that nothing is impossible if you have will and determination. As great as the challenges are, if you insist on overcoming them, you can.

“Today, as the documentary shows, I am in the process of completing my own project in the field of tourism, especially rural tourism. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to those who gave us the opportunity to get our message across.”

Abdul Rahman Hassan Sandokji, the director of the documentary, told Arab News: “We presented a few examples of thousands of beautiful success stories of Saudi women under the support of wise leadership. We wanted to give women a platform to talk about the opportunities they have now. After working on this documentary, I am now convinced that we have a wonderful and promising future with the support of our wise government and the great efforts of Saudi women.

“As much as we try to document the beautiful stories, we cannot do enough to emphasize the true image of Saudi women. As much as we search and see stories of Saudi women’s success, struggle, patience, pursuit and zeal, more stories are sure to be told. Every day we marvel at the great ambitions of Saudi women. Every day we are more happy with the contribution of women to the development of this precious country.

“If there’s one thing we can learn from this documentary, it’s that Saudi women don’t have the word ‘impossible’ in their dictionary. Difficult as the circumstances are, they thrive on determination and their morale remains strong. They will try again and again until they achieve their goals. The message behind the documentary is to show all Saudi women that we live under the great empowerment of our wise leadership who strongly supports their aspirations and freedom. We wanted to show women that there are opportunities for them to take advantage of and strive for everything they dream of.

“I am glad that through this documentary I was able to contribute even a small part in clarifying this precious category and this golden age. The team was great, harmonious and passionate. With the support of the Kunooz Initiative, led by Dr. Abdullah Al-Maghlouth and Abdullah Al-Ahmari, we could be part of this achievement.”

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