Reverse Skin Aging: 9 Science-Backed Tips

As mentioned before, a healthy, youthful appearance starts from within. So it’s no surprise that too much salt can dry out the skin, making it look older with more fine lines, wrinkles and overall dullness. Fortunately, not all salt is created equal.

Board-certified naturopathic physician and weight loss and anti-aging expert Kellyann Petrucci, ND, tells us that plain salt water pulls out of our cells, making them more prone to promoting wrinkles. Sea salt, on the other hand, is filled with potassium, which draws water into the cells to make them firm.

She recommends unrefined Celtic sea salt and pink Himalayan salt. “These unrefined mineral salts contain no toxic additives,” explains Petrucci. “Mineral salts also contain smaller amounts of sodium and chloride than table salt. Better yet, they contain over 80 minerals — silica, potassium, magnesium, sulfur and calcium are just a few — that energize your cells and make you beautiful.”

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