Sad Snack Cover “No Kids” With The Mountain Goats: Watch

The Mountain Goats tour arrived at the Warfield Theater in San Francisco last night. Skanking followed.

A Backstory: “No Kids,” a highlight from the 2002 Mountain Goats stunner Tallahassee, recently went viral on TikTok. When Sad Snack, a ska band from San Francisco, posted images of themselves about “No Children” on Twitter last month, it went viral. Yesterday, Sad Snack released a studio recording of their skanktified “No Children” cover on Bandcamp, with all proceeds going to the National Network of Abortion Funds. And within hours, they were on stage with the Mountain Goats.

At the Goats performance last night, Sad Snack brought their “No Children” cover to the Warfield stage. John Darnielle and his bandmates joined them onstage, leaping and groaning the whole time. And when the mountain goats got their… sunset tree classic “This Year”, Sad Snack was also dancing on stage. It seems that everyone had a glorious time. Check out the footage below, along with the live and studio versions of Sad Snack’s “No Children” cover.

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