Sami Callihan Uses Raven’s Creation To End Feud With Moose

Sami Callihan wants to destroy Moose as revenge for a broken ankle. Monster’s Ball at slammiversary was just the beginning. Tables, trash cans, thumbtacks, barbed wire signs, and a barbed wire baseball bat were some of the utensils for destruction. Callihan wants to go the extra mile to end this feud by using Raven’s special creation.

Callihan was victorious in the Monster’s Ball match against Moose after a pile driver on thumbtacks. An abbreviated version of the competition can be viewed at BTI (from 15:52).

Callihan showed up until Thursday night Impact wrestling feel fresh and chic. He made quick work of Jack Price to win via piledriver. After the match, Moose plotted a payback for a surprise spear. Moose added more pain to a uranage through a table.

Callihan was furious backstage looking for Scott D’Amore. He ran into Gail Kim to propose a contest concept worth ending this feud. At the suggestion of a friend (probably Raven), Callihan asked for the Clockwork Orange House of Fun.

Kim used her matchmaking powers to book it for Against all expectations on July 1

The Clockwork Orange House of Fun was created by Raven. The concept is ripe for extreme violence. The essence is a variety of weapons that hang from above or to the side of a cage for maximum pain. Expect blood and carnage as Callihan and Moose rumble over again Against all expectations

Is the Clockwork Orange House of Fun a fitting match to end this feud?

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