Singaporean dancer plays young queen as Platinum Jubilee pageant chooses ‘Bridgerton casting’

The Platinum Jubilee pageant has used “Bridgerton casting” to find the star dancer who will portray the young Princess Elizabeth in front of a predicted audience of one billion people around the Commonwealth.

Organizers said their main hopes were to cast a woman of color as a representation of modern Britain and the Queen’s position as a global role model.

Janice Ho, who is 22 and originally from Singapore, will open the ‘Let’s Celebrate’ section of the pageant and dance through the Mall as Princess Elizabeth is about to become Queen.

Interacting with a dragon doll the size of a double-decker bus, she will portray the princess coming to terms with her power and responsibility, ahead of a grand finale for Buckingham Palace.

The section of the pageant will feature plenty of other “carnival queens,” from dancing pineapples to the royal wedding reimagined through a Bollywood lens, as well as a drag queen named Cheddar Gorgeous.

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