Solid Waste Master Plan: City of Ottawa Seeks Feedback on Waste, Recycling

The City of Ottawa is asking for feedback on how to deal with waste, recycle and become a zero-waste city.

Ottawa is developing a new Solid Waste Master Plan to be completed next year. The plan will give direction to how the city will deal with solid waste over the next 30 years. A new survey has been made available to give your opinion on solid waste in Ottawa.

“From past engagement with the public about the Solid Waste Master Plan, we know that residents want progressive, collective and innovative action. We learned about people’s creative ideas that the city can explore as part of the planning process,” the city said. in a PSA. “We’ve analyzed that input and are now asking for feedback on a short list of options for the plan. We also want to know how far, how quickly and at what cost you want the city to move towards a zero-waste future.”

The city is reviewing a number of issues:

  • Use green trash can in multi-residential premises
  • How waste and recycling is managed in parks
  • New and creative ways to reduce and reuse (such as repair cafes, lending libraries, community swaps, and food waste reduction initiatives)
  • Improving recycling programs
  • The role of technology and innovation
  • Converting waste into renewable energy
  • Financial Considerations
  • New promotion and education initiatives

You can complete an online survey at between now and May 8. The survey is available in several languages. If you do not have access to a computer, call 613-580-2424 ext. 25550 to complete the survey by phone.

There are also online workshops, public discussion groups and information sessions in March and April. The city also plans to hold smaller-group information sessions with youth, older adults, racialized residents, new immigrants and members of the 2SLGBTQQIA+ community.

The Trail Road landfill is more than 70 percent full, meaning the city could run out of space in about 15 years if nothing changes, according to information heard at committee meetings in 2021.

More details on how to communicate with the city about the Solid Waste Masterplan can be found on the city’s website.

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