Square Enix Reveals Plans to Establish New Studios and Acquire Others

Just weeks after it confirmed it was selling its western studios and IP to Embracer Group for $300 million, Square Enix has revealed plans to “establish new studios” and acquire others.

The news came as part of the company’s recent financial presentation, which revealed that one of Square Enix’s “mid-term business strategy initiatives” is to “increase game development capabilities by establishing new studios, [mergers and acquisitions]and so forth.”

As noted by Stephen Totilo of Axios (thanks, NME), the company also revealed that the “objectives behind the divestiture of select overseas studios and IP” – i.e. the reason it sold its three western studios – was to “make sustainable investments.” growth through selection and concentration of corporate resources, a better alignment of the overseas publishing function with the Tokyo organization and the transformation of the group’s corporate portfolio”.

This last point is especially interesting because it reiterates Square Enix’s well-publicized blockchain plans, stating that the company will “accelerate the launch and monetization of new businesses by continuing to invest in focus areas (blockchain, AI, and the cloud). )”.

The news came as part of Square Enix’s financial results, which also showed that the company had been propped up thanks to Final Fantasy 14. As Ed reported at the time, net sales in the MMO sector “did not only rise the number of monthly paying subscribers for Final Fantasy 14, as well as for the release of an expansion pack for the title”.

Last October, we reported that Final Fantasy 14 was the highest-grossing game in the series’ history. The release of Endwalker in December only reinforced that.

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