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I first met Marie-Marguerite Sabongui 20 years ago when, as the then-young star of a popular Fox TV children’s show Galidor: Defenders of the Outer DimensionI invited her to visit her former Gardenview Elementary School in St. Laurent to talk to students.

This week I reconnected with her for the first time since then to talk about her new Canadian-made movie called pink lake, which will premiere in theaters on May 27. Produced, directed and edited by Emily Gan and Daniel Schachter, Pink Lake also stars Charles Brook as Sam and Alysa Touati as Cora, a couple who have agreed not to have children. Then comes Nadia (Sabongui), an old friend of Sam’s who wants a baby to raise alone. She asks Sam to be her sperm donor. At first, Cora is on board, but that sentiment does not last. It’s a great movie that I got the chance to preview and that tackles this topic in many ways.

“Emily and I went to the CEGEP together,” said Sabongui. “When she and Daniel invited me to be a part of this film, I was very happy.”

You can watch my video chat with Marie-Marguerite here.

St. Laurent-born Marie-Marguerite Sabongui, whose first acting appearance was the star of the Fox Kids show Galido, talks about her new film Pink Lake. The film will premiere on May 27. The film centers on Sam and Cora, a couple whose relatively peaceful life in the Gatineau hills is disrupted when Nadia (Sabongui), one of Sam’s oldest and closest friends, pays a visit from out of town. She asks Sam to be her sperm donor. His wife initially agrees, but then doubts set in.

Sabongui, whose brother Patrick is also a well-known actor, trained at the Conservatoire de la Danse de Montreal, The Neighborhood Playhouse School of Theater and the Upright Citizens’ Brigade. For years she studied with the late Jacqueline McClintock. She has a BA from McGill University in cultural studies. Throughout her acting career, she has advocated environmental and social justice. She was one of the first Canadians trained to give Al Gore’s Inconvenient Truth presentations and toured the country giving talks. This eventually led her to do her master’s degree in Environmental Science and Policy at Columbia University. She and her husband Benedict Moran run Blind River Media, a media production company. One of her passions in recent years has been working with refugees and the resettlement of refugees. They even lived in Turkey for two and a half years. Back in Montreal since 2019, they live on the Plateau with their two young children.

Sabongui said the film was shot a few years ago at a time when she and her husband were trying to have a child through IVF (Invitro Fertilization). “So the theme of this script meant a lot to me,” she said

The film was shot in Gatineau, mainly at a beautiful house that Brooks owns and yes, on the site of the real Pink Lake.

Here’s the trailer

The official trailer.

A movie by Emily Gan and Daniel Schachter

With Alysa Touati, Marie-Marguerite Sabongui and Charles Brooks

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