Star Wars concept artist, Colin Cantwell, dies aged 90

Colin Cantwell, the designer of the X-Wing, sits in a replica model at the Denver Air and Space Museum

Colin Cantwell, the concept artist behind many Star Wars designs, died Saturday at his Colorado home. His work included the X-Wing Starfighter, TIE Fighter, Star Destroyer and the Death Star, but hee had an incredible career even before his collaboration with George Lucas on his films, after he had worked in a jet propulsion lab and NASA during the ‘60’s space race† He was also on the education and communications team during the 1969 moon landing, in collaboration with Walter Cronkite. He was 90.

In between literally helping astronauts on the moon, he spent decades making science fiction movies. While his work for Star Wars remains some of his most memorable and recognizable designs – he came up with the looks of the Y-Wings and Return of the Jedi‘s imperial shuttle, also-he has a ton of impressive credits, including: Close Encounters of the Third Kindand war gamesand Stanley Kubrick’s sci-fi masterpiece 2001: A space odysseymaking Cantwell no stranger to the Hollywood blockbuster. He was also a science fiction writer and wrote two novels.

A staple at fan conventions and events, Cantwell was invited to autograph an entire model of the X-Wing on display at the Wings Over the Rockies Air and Space Museum in Denver, Colorado. Although he hadSince I haven’t been able to attend many events lately, there are still signed prints of his concept art available on its website. He is survived by his partner of nearly 25 years, Sierra Dall, and you can read more about his extraordinary life here

[Via The Hollywood Reporter]

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