Sydney’s most wanted suburbs for house hunters

But it also reflects strong buyer interest, she added, noting that it was linked to further insights into the property search that showed waterfront and views were among the top keywords buyers searched in Sydney.

Powell said many areas on the list were smaller suburbs with limited housing supply, which could increase demand for available housing. Only suburbs with a minimum of five listings over the three-month period were included.

“There’s obviously a lot of interest there, and they can be tricky suburbs to break into because they’re smaller,” she said.

The view in Lavender Bay made it a popular choice for buyers.

The view in Lavender Bay made it a popular choice for buyers. Credit:Domain

OH Property Group’s buyer agent Henny Stier said northern shore suburbs such as Kurraba Point, Northwood and Lavender Bay were small and tight-knit.

“There aren’t many offerings and they’re considered prime suburbs,” she said, adding that out-of-area buyers and local upgraders often waited years for their dream home to hit the market in these areas.

Most of the buyers looking at these suburbs were executives and professionals, generally upgrading to their third or fourth homes, Taurus said. View or access to water was key for most.

“These are really your blue chip areas, with blue ribbon real estate that is out of reach for average buyers,” she said.

It was a similar story in Whale Beach, said Peter Robinson of LJ Hooker Palm Beach. Homes were held tight, with a limited number coming on the market each year, and even fewer offers than usual in the past six to 12 months.

“Then the ones that do show up are pretty wow… so there are a lot of clicks,” Robinson said. “In the past I would have said it was a bunch of tacky beaks or buyers… dreaming of what they might own one day, but when I say I’ve never had more buyers over $10 in the last 12 months million to spend in this area.”

Third most popular: Whale Beach on Thursdays.

Third most popular: Whale Beach on Thursdays. Credit:Jessica Hromas

Demand also outpaced supply in the more affordable Patonga, Robinson said. Both the company and Whale Beach had heightened interest from vacation home buyers and sea changers during the pandemic, as the rise of remote working increased the demand for lifestyle locations, particularly those still close to the city.

Meanwhile, suburbs like Vineyard and Carramar to the west of the city and Marsden Park to the northwest — where more than 300 homes are for sale — had the lowest average number of views per ad.

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