How can governments use AI to improve procurement?

By using artificial intelligence, agencies can improve their procurement processes. Perhaps no government process gives the impression of a complex bureaucracy more than the US government’s procurement system. Agencies follow the Federal Acquisition Regulation – or FAR for short – or the US Department of Defense counterpart, DFAR. The FAR consists of 37 chapters on … Read more

Autonomous Lawnmower Helps With Labor Shortages, Increases Productivity – IoT World Today

Scythe Robotics’ mower has a range of sensors, a long-life battery and is completely emission-free Scythe Robotics has received more than 5,000 pre-orders for its Scythe M.52 electric autonomous mower With 360-degree sensors and AI for environmental monitoring, the mower can autonomously navigate areas and adjust itself to different grass thicknesses while mowing. In addition, … Read more

Using AI to Reduce Performance Risks in US Procurement

Advances in digital technology can help manage federal acquisition goals. The US government’s procurement system strives to obtain the best goods and services from the best private sector companies at the best prices. To achieve these goals and ensure taxpayers’ money is properly protected, the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) makes clear that the government procurement … Read more

35 Innovators Under 35: AI and Robots

Robots are generally not known for their flexibility, with a few exceptions. Laura Blumenschein, 29, co-invented the Vine robot, which moves and grows like a plant. Shaped like a tube, the soft robot uses air pressure to maneuver around and lengthens as material fed through the center comes out the other side. “Think of a … Read more

Stanford University Open Sources Controllable Generative Language AI Diffusion-LM

Stanford University researchers have open sourced Diffusion-LM, a non-autoregressive generative language model that allows fine-grained control of the model’s output text. When evaluated on controlled text generation tasks, Diffusion-LM outperforms existing methods. The model and experiments were described in a paper published on arXiv. Diffusion-LM is a generative language model that plug and play control … Read more

Tyler Folkman of Branded Entertainment Network Group – IoT World Today

AI Summit 2022: Tyler Folkman of Branded Entertainment Network Group – IoT World Today BEN’s chief technology and AI officer talks about product placement and how the company has doubled its commitment to AI and invested in the technology

TSA to use AI for airport screenings – IoT World Today

Pangiam, Google Cloud trial is part of the TSA’s wider effort to automate aviation security and increase airport efficiency The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will test an AI data analysis tool from Pangiam and Google Cloud to identify potentially dangerous items in carry-on luggage. Project DARTMOUTH uses AI and pattern analysis technology to process massive … Read more

The procurement path to AI governance

Procurement standards can promote responsible government use of artificial intelligence. The growing interest in and acceptance of artificial intelligence systems by all levels of government has sparked much debate. AI has a lot to offer government, as automated tools can enable officials to make their decision-making processes faster, more accurate and more predictable. But relying … Read more

This new AI-upscaled texture pack for Resident Evil 7 is 24GB

Resident Evil 7 is loved by many, but now there’s a new 4K texture pack that enhances 1497 textures in the game, and of course scales them up to 4K using the magic of AI. VIEW GALLERY – 4 IMAGES Modder Ashok explains, “This mod restructures 1,497 vanilla 1K and 2K textures with AI-scaled 4K … Read more