Contemporary African Photography Award – A Shortlisted Selection | Art and design

A selection of the 25 photographers shortlisted for the Contemporary African Photography award will present their work. The CAP Prize is awarded annually to five photographers whose work was shot on the African continent, or who are involved in the African diaspora. The five winners will be announced on June 17th

The geometric beauty of Singapore’s social housing tables – in photos | Art and design

Despite living in social housing all his life, Singapore-based photography hobbyist Jonathan Tan has never paid much attention to the geometric marvels ahead. Then, for his 2020 project Lepak Downstairs, he used an iPhone and a selfie stick to capture the old, tiled concrete stools and tables that dotted Singapore’s residential areas. “Singaporeans are so … Read more

The Kharkiv School of Photography – in photos | Art and design

The Kharkiv School of Photography evolved from the late 1960s to 2010 in the industrial and educational center in Eastern Ukraine, notable for a sensitivity to experimentation with the photographic image and reflections on the social and political realities of the Soviet and post-war Soviet eras. Heavily bombed by the Russian army, several of the … Read more

The Golden City: A History of San Francisco – in pictures | Art and design

Since California became part of the United States in 1850, San Francisco has been the crown jewel of the West Coast. Its craggy hills, beautiful parks and breathtaking panoramic views of land and water have made the city not only one of the world’s top tourist destinations, but also a magnet for millions of dreamers, … Read more

Painters, posers and poodles: Peter Fetterman’s favorite images – in pictures | Art and design

William Heick: Hats, Father’s Day Picnic, Seattle, WA, 1951 Peter Fetterman: ‘In my opinion one of the best photojournalistic images ever. Unemployed, these men are on their way to a festive picnic in their honor, hosted by some kind souls who treated them to a day of food, recreation, and relaxation. As they wait to … Read more

Household favourites: paper mache everyday objects – in pictures | Art and design

Five years ago, Bernie Kaminski’s daughter brought home a papier-mâché seahorse that she had made at school. “I thought it looked cool,” he says. They made a few more simple things together and it soon became a hobby. Since then, he has created more than 100 everyday objects using cardboard, newspaper, tape and acrylic paint, … Read more

Photo 2022: Highlights of Australia’s Largest Photography Biennial | art and design

Australia’s largest photography biennale, Photo 2022, returns to the streets and galleries of Melbourne and regional Victoria from April 29 to May 22, 2022. Exploring themes such as self, mortality, history, nature and society, the festival honors 123 local and international artists and photographers across 90 exhibitions, with 50 world premieres

Suitcases, cosmic capers and sandbags for Ukraine: Venice Biennale 2022 – in pictures | Art and design

From Anish Kapoor’s blood-red mirror to Katharina Fritsch’s elephant on a pedestal, Guardian photographer David Levene captures the best of the massive international art fair All photos by David Levene Main image: An elephant in the room… Elephant 1987, by Katharina Fritsch. Photo: David Levene/The Guardian Mon 25 Apr 2022 12.27 EDT Last modified on … Read more