No windfall tax on energy companies

Both candidates this week scrutinized their plans to help households with living expenses. Customers will be in more pain next year as annual energy bills rise to over £5,000. Ofgem, the energy regulator, may have to set the price cap at £5,038 a year for the average home due to high gas prices, said Auxilione, … Read more

Boris Johnson has not returned my calls since I left cabinet

Mr Sunak, who campaigned for Vote Leave, said he was “stunned” by accusations from some quarters that he is not enough of a Brexiteer. “I keep reading that somehow I’m not Brexit enough in this leadership race,” he said. “I really think I was the one who actually voted for Brexit and campaigned. “I’ve set … Read more

Kate Greville ’embarrassed’ that she stayed with ex-footballer who ‘promised the world’

Eeventually Mr. Giggs was left alone again and went back to the hotel room alone, the court was told. Coming to what happened that night, according to Mr. Giggs’ team: Chris Daw QC (CD): You were with other people, all work related to Ryan. Kate Greville (KG): Yes. CD: And then he went to the … Read more

‘Exceptional risk’ bushfires could rage across Britain this weekend

Wildfires threaten to sweep across parts of the country this weekend after ministers were told there was an “unprecedented” risk to homes and the countryside. Fire chiefs warned in an emergency meeting on Wednesday that the devastating fires are likely to spread to residential areas in the coming days, fueled by bone-dry conditions and strong … Read more

Man dies and three others injured in ‘linked’ attacks

A 47-year-old man has died and three others have been injured in a spate of gun and knife attacks in the Scottish Highlands. Scotland police have arrested a 39-year-old man in connection with three incidents – two on the Isle of Skye and another in neighboring Dornie – and said they were being treated as … Read more

“I’d rather lose than win on a false promise,” says Rishi Sunak

OOn inflation, Ms Truss noted that the “huge shock to the global economy – it’s important that we get to grips with inflation, but inflation is expected to peak this year and then fall”. “We don’t have to bake that in the future. I think it’s very important that we get inflation down so we … Read more

Nicola Sturgeon’s Indyref2 plan should be thrown out of court, UK government claims

Westminster’s submission pointed to case law showing that courts should consider the practical effects and intent of legislation, not just its legal impact. It also highlighted decades-old statements by the founding fathers of devolution, who clearly stated that an independence referendum would not fall within Holyrood’s purview. “Nor can it be credibly suggested that the … Read more

Schools with only unisex toilets are acting illegally, warns Suella Braverman

In The Telegraph, Ms Braverman writes that it may be lawful for schools to “refuse a biologically and legally male child who identifies as transgender to use the girls’ toilets”. She added: “There is also a separate duty to provide same-sex toilets in schools, violation of which would be illegal. So the legal background means … Read more

Tory leadership hustings: Rishi Sunak warns Liz Truss’ tax cuts alone are ‘no good’

Aasked why he’s “so far behind,” Rishi Sunak says, “The only poll that counts is the one at the end. I’m out and about every day, fighting for the things I passionately believe in, that’s good for this country, and I will continue to do so until the last day of this campaign.” Turning to … Read more