I fell in love in Odessa – and these pictures bring back the wild city I knew

I remember the Poppy brand matches, sunbathing on Soviet concrete, ostentatious clothes bought at the seventh kilometer market. I remember the boys had pale skin; the girls, deadly defiant – and everyone was very young or very old, with barely any middle age in between. In the early 2000s, when I lived in Moldavanka, the … Read more

Scream Star Neve Campbell cast in twisted metal

Image† Tiziano Luglic turned metalThe live-action TV series based on PlayStation’s popular car chase/combat video franchise has gone on to gain many big names and attract stars such as Anthony Mackie and Stephanie Beatriz† utilities, Neve Campbell has been announced as a returning guest star named Raven, io9 learned through a press release from Peacock. … Read more

Norman Reedus casually reveals the existence of Death Stranding 2

Digital Norman Reedus in Death StrandingImage† Sony Video game development can be an oddly secretive endeavor, keeping even the existence of a future project as a powerful reveal, only to be doled out when the hype engine gets hungry. Of course, Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding was a critical success, made a lot of money and … Read more

Offset Unfollows Bandmates On IG Inflammation Of Migos Breakup Rumors

(LR) Quavo, Offset and Takeoff of Migos attend the Call of Duty: Vanguard launch event with a first-ever verzuz concert at The Belasco on November 3, 2021 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Jon Kopaloff/Getty Images for Activision)Photo† Jon Kopaloff †Getty Images† In this crazy, weird modern world we live in, everyone knows the first … Read more

The only scholar to expose the British Museum’s cover-up of Elgin Marbles

Comprising both the ruins in Athens and the sculptures on display in London thanks to Lord Elgin, the Parthenon has long been more than just a temple. When Chateaubriand showed up in 1806, he claimed he washed his horses and donned “gala attire” before seeing the 2,000-year-old site. For Lord Byron, it symbolized the Greek … Read more

“Ugly Sonic” Makes Movie Debut in Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers

Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangers, Sonic The HedgehogScreenshot† disney; Decisive The crushing weight of Sonic the hedgehogThe unbelievable box office success may have tried to erase Ugly Sonic’s existence from history, but the Internet’s memory is long. We can never forget the uproar over Sonic’s hyper realistic teethand now, thanks Chip ‘N Dale: Rescue Rangersthat … Read more

Norman Reedus may have confirmed Death Stranding 2

Screenshot† Kojima Productions / Kotaku Speaking with lifestyle site for men Lionactor Norman Reedus seems to be suggesting that there’s not just a sequel to 2019’s Death Stranding, but that production has ‘just started’. This piece of information comes in the middle of an extended interview where the actor discusses his time The living Deadhis … Read more

Contemporary African Photography Award – A Shortlisted Selection | Art and design

A selection of the 25 photographers shortlisted for the Contemporary African Photography award will present their work. The CAP Prize is awarded annually to five photographers whose work was shot on the African continent, or who are involved in the African diaspora. The five winners will be announced on June 17th