London mayor ‘seriously concerned’ about potential flash flooding in London

August 12, 2022, 17:30 Sadiq Khan said he is “seriously concerned” about the prospect of flash flooding. Photo: Alamy The mayor of London has said he is “seriously concerned” about the possibility of severe flash flooding in the city, which was officially declared a drought today. Some parts of the capital have experienced a month … Read more

‘Exceptional risk’ bushfires could rage across Britain this weekend

Wildfires threaten to sweep across parts of the country this weekend after ministers were told there was an “unprecedented” risk to homes and the countryside. Fire chiefs warned in an emergency meeting on Wednesday that the devastating fires are likely to spread to residential areas in the coming days, fueled by bone-dry conditions and strong … Read more

‘Crazy’ garden hose ban rules mean people with new lawns can still spray grass

The snake ban rules were described as “crazy” on Sunday when it was found that people with newly laid lawns could still use them to water the grass. Millions of people are banned from using garden hoses in their homes to wash cars or replenish gardens amid drought. It’s as Britain braces for another heat … Read more

Hose bans must come now, says Environment Secretary

Christine Colvin, of the Rivers Trust, said: “We felt that these bans came in quite late. Given that we experienced an incredibly dry July after a year of little rain, I think many of these emergency measures should have been taken by mid-July. be announced and should have been implemented in the second half of … Read more

Thames Water ‘stopped emergency drought factory to save money’

Thames Water may have closed a drought emergency plant to save energy costs, the local MP said. The desalination plant in Beckton, east London, has been shut down despite water shortages and an imminent ban on garden hoses, the Telegraph reported earlier this week. The first garden hose ban goes into effect today for people … Read more

Drought resistant crops, hydropower, AI for atomic measurements, refrigerant control and e-waste recycling

Orchestrating Rhythms of Light Newswise – A team of scientists led by Oak Ridge National Laboratory developed a theory that thylakoids, membrane networks essential for plant photosynthesis, also act as a defense mechanism against harsh growing conditions, which could promote the development of stronger plants. Thylakoids contain grana, structures similar to stacked coins that expand … Read more

Summer Blues in Toronto the Hot

As this heat wave kicks in, remember that Toronto has always been unbearably hot in the summer. People moving here are shocked when they first encounter the swampy heat considered normal in Toronto’s least enchanting months. We are a poorly designed city. The tall buildings blocking the waterfront prevent a cooling breeze from blowing off … Read more

Drought in Northern Mexico threatens livelihoods

SANTIAGO, Mexico (AP) — Restaurant owner Leticia Rodríguez celebrated the construction of a new lakefront promenade in this northern Mexico city late last year, which she hoped would attract more people to her business. But now that the La Boca reservoir is almost empty, tourists no longer come to the boat, waterski or just eat. … Read more

Water board hands out free moisture meters

SACRAMENTO, California (KTXL) – Overwatering. Underwater. It’s a delicate balance for anyone trying to keep their plants alive, especially as residents are being asked to save more and more during the drought. Now there is a new tool that can help. “In our region, we use two to three times more water in the summer … Read more