Some cancer patients may not need treatments after surgery

After surgery, some cancer patients may need treatments such as radiation or chemotherapysay two recent studies examining shorter, gentler cancer care. Researchers are looking for ways to predict which cancer patients can avoid unnecessary treatments to reduce costs and bad side effects. A new study used a blood test to find out which colon cancer … Read more

Two self-propelled ships cross the world’s seas for the first time

Have used two different ships autonomous sailing technology to complete voyages across world seas for the first time. One of the projects involved the Mayflower Autonomous Ship. It is a fully autonomous ocean research vessel, powered by: artificial intelligence (AI) technology. The Mayflower recently completed a five-week voyage across the Atlantic Ocean without human crew … Read more

Scientists listen to coral to learn more about its health

An international team of scientists is using artificial intelligence, or AI, to study the underwater sounds of coral to learn more about the sea creatures. Coral are very small animals that create huge rocky structures called reefs in warm sea water. The team of scientists listened to underwater audio recordings taken from islands in central … Read more

South African company helps create local art for virtual world

When South African artist Fhatuwani Mukheli paints in his Johannesburg studio, he creates two works at once. There is the traditional piece, an image on canvas, but also another that exists in the virtual world as digital art. Mukheli uses The Tree, an online marketplace for South African artists to share and sell their art … Read more

Mutated COVID-19 version spreads across the US

Medical experts say the most dominant The form of COVID-19 currently spreading in the United States appears to be spreading faster than previous variants or versions. Besides, it might be better to escape immunity and can cause more serious illness. Scientists say the “subvariant” now spreading is a . is mutation genetically linked to both … Read more

Facebook gives more details about political ads

Facebook’s parent company Meta says it will provide more details about how advertisers target people with political ads. The company’s recent announcement follows years of criticism that social media companies are not open about how campaigns, politicians and advocacy groups target specific groups. Critics have expressed concern that the groups are being targeted by advertisements … Read more

Free Google AI tool aims to improve job interview skills

Google has launched a new tool designed to help people prepare for a job Interviews† The system, called Interview Warmup, is powered by: artificial intelligence (AI) methods. The tool creates interview test questions related to several key technology areas. These include information technology (IT) and support, project management, data analysis and online sales and marketing. … Read more

Google says new glasses can translate languages ​​in real time

Ten years after the introduction of ‘Google Glass’, Alphabet Inc. developed a new kind of smart glasses. The company says the portable computing device translate different languages ​​in real time. A working model, or prototype, of the as-yet-unnamed device was presented to the public this week at the annual Google I/O developer conference. Google has … Read more