I fell in love in Odessa – and these pictures bring back the wild city I knew

I remember the Poppy brand matches, sunbathing on Soviet concrete, ostentatious clothes bought at the seventh kilometer market. I remember the boys had pale skin; the girls, deadly defiant – and everyone was very young or very old, with barely any middle age in between. In the early 2000s, when I lived in Moldavanka, the … Read more

Man Ray’s Iconic Portrait of Kiki de Montparnasse Is Now the Most Expensive Photo Ever Sold at Auction | smart news

man beam, Ingres’s violin (1924). Thanks to Christie’s Not long after moving to Paris in 1921, American avant-garde artist Man Ray met the model and artist Alice Prin, nicknamed Kiki de Montparnasse, and fell in love. Kiki was the Surrealist and Dada artist’s muse for much of the next decade, and in 1924 she posed … Read more

Contemporary African Photography Award – A Shortlisted Selection | Art and design

A selection of the 25 photographers shortlisted for the Contemporary African Photography award will present their work. The CAP Prize is awarded annually to five photographers whose work was shot on the African continent, or who are involved in the African diaspora. The five winners will be announced on June 17th

At 90, Gerhard Richter comes out of retirement with a show of new paintings and photographs in Switzerland – watch them here

A show with new work by Gerhard Richter at the Fondation Beyeler in Switzerland is somewhat surprising. The German artist, who turned 90 earlier this year, announced his retirement in 2017. Ultimately, he was unable to stop making art. The Beyeler’s room, designed by the artist himself, houses ‘mood’, a new series of 31 small … Read more

12 of this Spring’s Best Art Books

Spring awakening this year is all about beautiful books, from the first monographs by Native American artists Wendy Red Star and fashion photographer Campbell Addyto an extensive catalog of experienced artists Nick Cave† Activities of Miranda Juli and David Hockney created during the first waves of the COVID-19 pandemic show the prevailing power of creativity … Read more

The Rise of Photo Widgets: Portals to Your Friends iPhone Home Screens

There’s a new kind of social media experience that allows your friends to photobomb your home screen. Millions of people, mostly iPhone owners in the TikTok under-30 crowd, have downloaded apps that allow users to send photos directly to a small group of friends. With Locket and LiveIn, shared photos can be viewed instantly when … Read more

Sydney Comedy Festival: Greg Larsen – We all have gory thoughts

There is no more appropriate title for a comedy show. We all have bloody thoughts is exactly what you’d expect from a comedian known for his rather boisterous diatribes, especially his appearances on the now-defunct ‘Tonightly’ show, several other stand-up appearances, or his opinion articles that dance on the line between satire and are uncomfortable … Read more

Sydney Comedy Festival Review: Cameron James – Electric Dreams

Nostalgia. It can happen to anyone, at any time. The song playing, that movie you saw, the piece of memorabilia you found in your parents’ closet. They can bring back memories of a time and place you thought you had forgotten. It’s those feelings of going back, remembering and sometimes cringing Cameron James to his … Read more