AI support platform saves time in routine radiology practices

By integrating an artificial intelligence (AI) support platform into routine radiology practice, radiologists will save about an hour a day interpreting chest CT scans compared to reading the scans without it, a randomized study suggests. dr. Joseph Schoepfa “Radiology is one of the main potential uses of AI simply because we are digitally based, something … Read more

Consider Cancer a Trigger for Deep Vein Thrombosis

Core messages If no triggering event can be identified for a patient with deep vein thrombosis, an unknown cancer should be considered as the cause. Rosemary Poulose and L. Christian Napp, MD, et al. of the Hannover Medical School in Germany recalled this in a recent journal article. They told the medical history of a … Read more

‘Brain Age’ Gap Predicts Outcomes After Stroke

The difference between a stroke patient’s brain age and chronological age can help clinicians predict which patients are likely to have worse outcomes, a new study finds. Stroke patients with a higher relative brain age (RBA), as measured by MRI, had significantly worse functional outcomes after ischemic stroke than patients with a lower RBA. While … Read more