Driest year since 1976 for millions with pipe bans expected until October

The dry weather has led to increased calls for a ban on disposable barbecues, fearing they could lead to wildfires. Retailers have been urged to follow the lead of Marks & Spencer, who announced it would stop selling in the UK this summer. The Met Office’s burn severity index will be “exceptional” for part of … Read more

‘Crazy’ garden hose ban rules mean people with new lawns can still spray grass

The snake ban rules were described as “crazy” on Sunday when it was found that people with newly laid lawns could still use them to water the grass. Millions of people are banned from using garden hoses in their homes to wash cars or replenish gardens amid drought. It’s as Britain braces for another heat … Read more

Hose bans must come now, says Environment Secretary

Christine Colvin, of the Rivers Trust, said: “We felt that these bans came in quite late. Given that we experienced an incredibly dry July after a year of little rain, I think many of these emergency measures should have been taken by mid-July. be announced and should have been implemented in the second half of … Read more

Thames Water ‘stopped emergency drought factory to save money’

Thames Water may have closed a drought emergency plant to save energy costs, the local MP said. The desalination plant in Beckton, east London, has been shut down despite water shortages and an imminent ban on garden hoses, the Telegraph reported earlier this week. The first garden hose ban goes into effect today for people … Read more

Warning that polio could spread beyond London

The UKHSA said it was following national polio guidelines, which set out what to do in the event of polio or an outbreak. But the guidelines don’t include testing other parts of the country. Prof David Salisbury, of the WHO Global Commission for Certification of Polio Eradication, said surveillance for polio was essential and without … Read more