Tan France on getting parenting advice from Gigi Hadid

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The style icons are currently filming season 2 of Netflix Next in fashion together, but their bond runs much deeper than most co-hosts. PEOPLE spoke to France, 39, at the launch party for baby care brand Goodnest in Manhattan earlier this month, where he revealed how close the duo are.

“She was the first friend I told when… [my husband and I] got pregnant,” France told PEOPLE. “I can’t remember if she had just had a baby or was about to have a baby, but she had everything ready. She’s a much bigger reader than I am, so I thought, ‘Can I just steal your notes?'”

Between the filming of several shows (France organized the Sell ​​sunset reunion earlier this month) and designing clothing lines, the new dad “welcomes” all the help he can get, often turning to Goodnest, a sustainable baby care brand he works with, for basic products that make parenting easier.

France also noted that he is “so excited” that his son and Hadid’s daughter are spending time together as the parents film the reality show in New York City for the first time this month. “They’re both part Pakistani, part white, which I love,” he commented.

Integrating Ismail’s heritage into his life is important to the fashion designer, who called dressing his son in a traditional Indian outfit for Ramadan “very cute.” According to France, the celebratory dress was one of only two outfits Ismail has worn and that’s not your standard onesie.

The other? A Burberry cardigan and matching onesie donated by a friend, who laughingly referred to the TV personality as “so boujee” but “absolutely gorgeous.”

“People always expect me to put him on a fully styled outfit,” France said. “But you change his diaper every two hours, and now he eats solid food. It gets everywhere! It’s insane for a newborn to put on a fancy outfit.”

Before he had Ismail, France had stated that he wanted six children (“I like a big family”), but later changed his mind to three or four. Now, he told PEOPLE that it has shifted again.

“I definitely feel very old,” he admitted. “So now, [I want] two or three. Hopefully we’ll have another – if all goes well – in a year or two, and then we’ll see after that. We want them to be two years apart.”

The fashion expert confessed that he is “very nervous” about Ismail being two or three years old because “they are nightmares and I struggle with toddlers.” But he is most excited about the years that immediately follow.

“I’m most looking forward to it” [ages] four to five, if you can talk a little bit,” he said. “I want to be able to watch a movie… with my son on the couch and he’s snuggling and eating snacks and just hanging out. That’s all I want: my son on my couch.”

In addition to hoping that Ismail will inherit “my humor and my husband’s kindness,” France, once he is an adult, has some idea of ​​how he will measure his success as a father.

“My husband and I think the hallmark of whether we do well with our children will be that when they are in their twenties, they just want to come and spend a Sunday with us,” France explained. “And it’s not like, ‘Oh, we should go to our fathers.’ But like, “I’ve missed you so much. I want to come to you. I love you so much.” I want that so badly.”

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