Tata Communications Further Strengthens IZO Internet WAN for Global Enterprises

Tata Communications global has strengthened variants of its IZO Internet WAN for global enterprises, addressing a business environment that increasingly prioritizes business traffic over Internet connections.

At its launch, the digital ecosystem enabler cited Gartner research showing that growing cloud deployments of mission-critical applications will drive 30% of global enterprises to adopt enhanced internet services by 2023, up from less than 1% in 2020.

IZO Internet WAN was first launched in 2014 and, claims Tata, is the world’s first predictable and reliable internet. The introduction of Enterprise-Enabled IZO Internet WAN is designed to provide high-quality Internet services and access to more than 150 geographic areas, providing enterprises with what has been described as simple and flexible management over their global and regional networks.

It is also claimed to enable what Tata said is “seamless” data transfers from branch offices to data centers, branch offices to clouds, and across multiple clouds for enterprises.

The new variants have been released to businesses in North America, Europe, the UK and Ireland, and the Asia-Pacific markets, and the service is said to be suitable for companies introducing cloud services into their existing IT and network architecture, as well as expand their global reach into new markets in a cost-effective manner. Key target sectors for which Tata considers the service particularly suitable include manufacturing, IT, ITeS, retail and BFSI.

“We’ve listened closely to our global enterprise customers, and for them, guaranteed uptime is critical to the business,” said Song Toh, vice president of global network services at Tata Communications. “That’s why our goal has always been to provide high-quality internet.

“We’ve expanded our global reach, added service variants from dedicated Internet access to broadband to meet customers’ diverse business needs, and ensured cross-border regulatory compliance so businesses can have predictable, reliable Internet to run their businesses. We have simplified operation and management and improved the experience for our customers in different geographies.”

One of the early adopters of the technology is DNV AS. Commenting on what the enhanced product has meant for the company, Vice President and Head of Cloud Infrastructure Øystein Eide said: “Tata Communications IZO Internet WAN has enabled us to focus on our core business while improving the efficiency and effectiveness of improve our people.

“In addition, higher availability improves our experience,” he said. “In today’s cloud-first world, where enterprises are moving workloads to clouds, market offerings such as dedicated internet or broadband, the lack of guaranteed performance, uptime and short recovery time is becoming a critical barrier to any enterprise. Tata Communications has helped address this vital need at a very opportune time for our business.”

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