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The wait is finally over. After teasing over three months ago that her new song “Carolina” was coming “soon”, Taylor Swift has finally dropped the entire original song she wrote for the Where the crayfish sing movie soundtrack.

Before its release on Friday (June 24), “Carolina” slowly made its way to viewers in bits and pieces scattered across several trailers for the Daisy Edgar Jones-directed movie. Swift’s nature-driven lyrics are typical of Jones’ character Kya, who learns to live alone in the North Carolina swamps after being abandoned by her parents and later accused of murdering a young man with whom she is romantically involved. had.

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‘Into the mist, into the clouds’, the 32-year-old pop star sings in ‘Carolina’, her hoarse low register soaring over a vast web of acoustic instruments. “I’ll make a fist, I’ll count it.”

“There are places I will never, never go,” she later sings. “Things Only Carolina Knows.”

“About a year and a half ago I wrote a song about the story of a girl who always lived on the outside and looked in. Figuratively and literally,” Swift tweeted when the song arrived. “The juxtaposition of her loneliness and independence. Her curiosity and fear became entangled. Her persistent gentleness and the betrayal of the world to it.”

Swift first announced her musical contribution to the film in a March Instagram post explaining that she wrote “Carolina” after reading it. Where the crayfish sing, the debut novel written by Delia Owens, which inspired the film. †Where the crayfish sing is a book I got completely lost in when I read it years ago,” the pop star wrote. “As soon as I heard there was a movie in the works starring the incredible @daisyedgarjones and produced by the brilliant @reesewitherspoon, I knew I wanted to be a part of it musically.”

“I wrote the song ‘Carolina’ alone and asked my friend @aarondessner to produce it,” she continued. “I wanted to create something ghostly and ethereal to match this enchanting story.”

Stream Swift’s new song “Carolina” below:

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