Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 Field is a major innovation with a high price tag

Teenage Engineering (TE) has unveiled the successor to its popular OP-1 portable synth sampler, the $2,000 OP-1 Field, calling it “louder, thinner and 100 times better”. That’s because it has about 100 new features, including a new low-profile aluminum housing, an internal FM antenna for both receiving and transmitting, and a high-resolution recessed display.

The OP-1 Field is the second of TE’s “Field” products following the launch of the TX-6 mini mixer. The company notes that if the two work together, “you can get an incredibly powerful and ultra-portable sound recording and performance system, all battery-powered and rechargeable via USB-C.” In terms of connectivity, it offers USB-C, line in and out connections and a 4-pin audio jack for headset or microphone support.

In addition to the above features, the OP-1 Field has 32-bit audio Bluetooth MIDI, stereo throughout the signal chain, 24 hours of battery life, eight interchangeable tapes, four different tape styles, multiple recording formats, and a new synth engine. It features a new speaker system with a passive driver that promises “detailed, thick and loud sound,” says TE.

In a short overview video (above), the company shows you how to choose from multiple synth presets and record them to tape, with up to four stereo tracks (and infinite overdubs). You can use sampled or synth drums, adjust audio levels, panning, effects and EQ, then switch the active tape wheel and use multiple tapes to manage your recordings. The last track can be output via USB or using the new FM output module.

The OP-1 Field is a huge update to the original, but as mentioned, it doesn’t come cheap. You can order it now for $2,000 (€2,000/£2,000 in Europe/UK) from Teenage Engineering’s website.

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