Teens party for hours after police dispersal zone was introduced

Teens partied and a young man was taken to hospital with a head injury just hours after police established a dispersion zone.

Merseyside Police entered the dispersal zone in West Kirby on Thursday after reports of “reckless” and “criminal” behavior in the area. The order runs until noon on Saturday, June 25, and means officers will patrol the area to resolve any incidents.

On Thursday evening, Wirral Police took to Facebook to provide an update on their activities in Cubbins Green and West Kirby. Officers found a group nearby, some of whom were drunk and had to be picked up by their parents, while one was taken to hospital.

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The post, as of 10:44pm, said: “Most have now left Cubbins Green and West Kirby area. We are now at the Concourse.

“Overall a well behaved group. A couple of drunk teenagers had to be picked up early by parents and one was taken to hospital.

“A young boy was assaulted and taken to hospital with a head injury. We confiscated a large number of nitrous oxide capsules. We hope they enjoyed their party, but maybe they can come back in the morning to clean up their mess.’

The applicable dissemination order falls under Section 34 of the Anti-Social Behavior Act 2014, which gives police and traffic officers to the police community the power to refer people they suspect are causing or likely to cause crime, nuisance or anti-social behavior in members. of the public to leave a designated area and not return within 48 hours.

Under the law, officers have the power to confiscate any item used in the commission of antisocial behavior. If a person has been previously told to leave the area by an officer, but then returns, an offense would be committed, for which he could ultimately be arrested.

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