The 3 zodiac signs with raw horoscopes on Friday, April 29, 2022

Well, this day should turn out to be an interesting one, if not one that sends us completely in our heads for some serious self-reflection.

Why will Friday, April 29, 2022 be rough for three zodiac signs and their horoscopes?

Today Pluto is retrograde, coincidentally spinning its engines during the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus, on April 30. This series of transits is actually quite promising, because this is the time for major changes in the way we think and process the world around us.

What makes the potential “rough” for three zodiac signs is if we can’t go with the flow of this energy, because it’s fast and groundbreaking in terms of change.

There will be some mental uprooting, and for some that will mean increased positive energy, while for others it could mean frustration at not being able to capture the atmosphere everyone around us seems to be enjoying.

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Since Pluto will be a trine to Mercury retrograde, we will feel like we are being pushed to search heavily for the soul. And this does not remain ‘mental’; Now that the planet of communication is at the center of this cosmic operation, we will receive news and important messages.

We are not talking about something that is expected, in fact it is quite the opposite: we will be inundated with new ideas, new ways of thinking, new avenues of adventure.

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