Thirteen more lives lost to COVID-19 in four states

Thirteen more people have died from the virus in the four states, a large reduction from the more than 30 registered nationwide yesterday.

In NSW there were 8,891 new cases reported and six new deaths.

There are now 1,504 people being treated in hospital for COVID-19, 57 of whom are in intensive care.

The number of new cases has fallen from 11,671 cases reported yesterday.

A COVID-19 drive-through test station.
A COVID-19 drive-through test station. (AP)

In Victoria, there were 8,744 new cases of COVID-19.

Currently, 491 patients in Victorian hospitals are being treated for the virus, with 38 in the ICU and 8 on a ventilator.

Yesterday, Victoria registered 9,365 new cases.

The Sunshine State reported 4,673 new cases and new deaths today.

There are now 426 people in hospital with the virus and 12 in the ICU.

In Western Australia, 8,747 cases of COVID-19 were reported today and one death.

There are 281 people in hospital with COVID-19 and 8 in the ICU.

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